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Case studies

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The below Case Studies are contained in this wiki (Please feel free to add more with respect to your own experiences under additional case studies):


Case Studies which Influenced the Framework


Case study: Language quests with secondary schools

Case study: Using virtual worlds for creating comicbooks

Case study: START STreet ARTists in a virtual space


Case study: Portuguese as a Second Language Master program

Case Study: University of Hull Education UK

Case Study: Business Talking LnU (Partner 10)

Case study: AVATAR

Case Study - NIFLAR language course

Case Study: talkademy's project-based business english course

Case Study: AVALON Teacher Training Course


New Courses using the Framework in Practice (or reflecting on the application of the framework to an existing course in Talkademy's case)


Oral Portuguese in a Virtual World (editions 1 and 2) UC trial course according to the Euroversity Framework. 21.04.13.docx

University of Hull - Games Design in VW's

Talkademy's course on German culture and history 

MP3: Artefacts, Learning Media - Virtual Learning Worlds and Game-based Learning (Minecraft)

Cultural exchange course (Jura) - Cultural exchange_ Jura SL workshop 1_case_study(1).pdf Cultural exchange_Jura SL workshop 2_case_study.pdf Jura SL workshop.docx Jura SL course.docx

Case study : Anthropology in UNISTRA

Linnaeus About the TIE Design Log / 24th March - Planning to Diane Pecorari / 16th May - Course Team Assembled (TIE Design Log) / 4th June - Help from the Network

University of Cyprus -- The implementation of Electrical Engineering Courses in Second Life

Utrecht - Spanish Course (Link to video interview evaluation with course leader) 

Technion Insitute of Technology, Israel contributed with three courses and a series of scientific experiments that measured learning in virtual worlds by looking at learner attitudes and brain activity in virtual reality.


Additional Case Studies


We welcome the addition of any other courses in line with our project's aims.  


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